International Leadership Development

About Us

The Victory Institute works to achieve full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by building, supporting, and advancing a diverse network of LGBT public leaders around the world.

The Institute's programs identify openly LGBT leaders and help equip them with the necessary skills to reach public office and serve their communities effectively.


Our international work

Since 1984, the LGBT Leaders Conference has convened LGBT leaders from around the world. Officials learn "best practices" to advance equality, share common problems and build a network of contacts and support.

The Victory Institute has included international leaders in its Candidate & Campaign Training, the David Bohnett LGBT Leadership Fellows program that sends LGBT officials to Harvard Kennedy School's Senior Executives in State and Local Government program, as well as other capacity building programs. Moreover, we deliver workshops for international LGBT leaders visiting the U.S.

Victory has partnered with organizations abroad to facilitate programs that highlight best practices that have worked for the LGBT community in the U.S., and has received valuable insights on strategies and ideas from international leaders and activists. This collaboration highlights Victory's approach toward gaining LGBT equality through culturally relevant teaching and strategic partnering, which is particularly useful in places where our communities struggle the most.


Colombia 2013

The Victory Institute is excited to launch its first Training abroad in 2013 in Colombia. The Institute is working with organizations on the ground to provide training for openly LGBT leaders interested in political leadership and to create a sustainable mechanism to support those leaders over time. 

>> Curso de gestión de campañas electorales - August 28 - September 1


Future Plans

The Institute is currently exploring its ability to provide training abroad to two countries per year, including a regional LGBT leadership conference for emerging leaders to develop a support network and exchange best practices.

>> Victory joins partners, USAID to promote LGBT rights abroad (April 8, 2013)


How you can help

The Victory Institute maintains an online database of openly LGBT leaders. You can send Victory the names of international leaders who are openly and publicly LGBT identified.

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute supports leadership development programs for openly LGBT people. Gifts to the Victory Institute are tax-deductible for U.S. citizens.

We're a non-partisan and non-profit organization, but we're definitely pro-leadership. Our award-winning programs help build effective LGBT leaders who become authentic voices in government, politics and community organizations.

For more information about our international work, please contact us.