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Women's Roundtable at the 2010 conference

This year, we're excited to announce three conference tracks to fuel your growth and help you achieve your goals.

Energize your career by focusing on personal development, energize your community through policy discussions, or energize our movement by learning about the latest LGBT topics.

View the conference schedule below to mix and match between the tracks for a personalized conference experience that fits your needs.

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Thursday, December 1


Energize Your Career

Energize Your Community

Energize Our Movement

1:00pm - 4:00pm
The Path to a Sustainable City: Houston as a Case Study
Join us for a pre-conference workshop with Houston's Sustainability Director, Laura Spanjian, and guest speakers to learn about the greening initiatives that are saving Houston money. Participants will come away with concrete programs to bring back to your local community, city and state.


Arun Banskota
President, NRG Electric Vehicle Services

Michael Skelly
President, Clean Line Energy

Laura Spanjian
Sustainability Director, City of Houston

Rives Taylor
Principal, Director of Sustainability, Gensler

Brian Yeoman
City Director, Houston, Clinton Climate Initiative
Opening Night Reception
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Houston Zoo


Friday, December 2


Energize Your Career

Energize Your Community

Energize Our Movement

Topical Breakfasts
8:30am - 10:00am
Personal Lives and Public Jobs: A Family Discussion Talking About Energy: Making Science Simpler Faith, Freedom and LGBT Equality
Much is asked of the spouses and children of elected and appointed officials, and sometimes families can feel challenged by the demands of public service. Please join a panel of LGBT officials and family members to hear their perspectives and advice on how to find balance and set boundaries when one family member serves his or her community as a public official.


Christina Canales Gorczynski
Executive Director, League of Women Voters-Houston

Kathy Hubbard
First Lady, City of Houston

Hon. David W. Roberts
Councilmember, Solana Beach, Calif.

Denise Simmons
Councilmember, Cambridge City Council

Mary L. Washington, Ph.D.
Member, Maryland House of Delegates
Energy policy is part of the political discussion, but can you explain it so the average energy user understands? In this workshop, learn how to understand and communicate some of the key concepts in energy science to more effectively discuss energy policy issues.


Dr. Rimvydas Baltaduonis
Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College

Ben Finzel
Senior Vice President, Widmeyer Communications

Holmes Hummel
Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Policy & International Affairs, U.S. Dept of Energy

Michael Tubman
Senior Fellow, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Many faith leaders are allies in the struggle for freedom and fairness for LGBT people. Join us for a lively discussion about the intersection of religion and politics as communities seek to become more welcoming and diverse.


Rev. Michael Diaz
Director of Connections, Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church

Rev. Dr. Cindi Love
Executive Director, Soulforce

Jeanette Mott Oxford
Missouri State Representative, District 59
Opening Plenary
10:15am - 11:45am
Immigration Nation
Most U.S. citizens can look to their family history and understand America is made of up immigrants. The swift rise of the Latino population, however, has electrified conversations about immigration and led to new politics and policies that are shaping the issue. This panel of distinguished leaders will examine some of the personal stories of immigration and the struggles faced by LGBT people caught up in the national debate.


Julie Kruse
Policy Director, Immigration Equality

Ricardo Lara
Assemblyman, California State Assembly District 50

Felipe Matos

Lupe Valdez
Sheriff, Dallas County, Texas

Arturo Vargas
NALEO Executive Director
Caucus Lunches
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Community Leaders; Elected and Appointed Leaders; State Legislators
Concurrent Workshops
1:45pm - 3:15pm
Saying It Right: Getting Media-Savvy to Reach Your Goals American Diversity: The Politics of a Changing Population Out Leaders, Out in the World: Trends and Impacts
Framing the debate and making your message media-friendly can be the difference between political success and failure. Learn how becoming media-savvy can advance your political and policy goals in this interactive workshop. This in-depth discussion will examine the growth of minority populations across the country and what it means for local and national politics.


Sergio Bendixen
President, Bendixen & Amandi International

David A. Bositis
Senior Political Analyst, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

Marita Etcubanez
Director of Programs, Asian American Justice Center

Robin Kniech
Councilwoman At-Large, Denver City Council
Andrew Reynolds, Professor of Political Science and Chair of Global Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, will present the findings of his study of the presence and impact of openly out LGBT members of national parliaments around the world.


Andrew Park
Program Director for LGBT Rights Program, Wellspring Advisors, LLC

Andrew Reynolds
Associate Professor of Political Science, UNC Chapel Hill
Women Out to Win Roundtable
3:30pm - 4:45pm
This popular session has addressed the opportunities and challenges experienced by lesbian leaders in elected office. This year GLLI will partner with leading women's policy groups to discuss ways lesbian leaders can work together to impact issues specifically affecting the lesbian community such as economic development, access to healthcare and how definitions of "family" impact state policies. Join us for this discussion that will only begin in Houston.


Rebecca Subar
Senior Partner, Dragonfly Partners LLC
Optional Evening Events
The Mayor's Holiday Celebration and Tree Lighting presented by Reliant Energy

Victory on Ice – LGBT Outdoor Skating at Discovery Green


Saturday, December 3


Energize Your Career

Energize Your Community

Energize Our Movement

Topical Breakfasts
8:30am - 10:00am
Climbing the Career Ladder The Real L Word: Talking to Labor about America's future Trans 101: Being an Effective Ally
Can you get to the next level? Hear from elected and appointed officials about how they climbed the career ladder and discuss the opportunities and challenges involved as you seek to make a difference as a public official.


Bonnie Dumanis
District Attorney, San Diego County

Fred Hochberg
Chairman, Export-Import Bank

Mark Pocan
Wisconsin State Representative, Candidate for US Congress in Wisconsin's 2nd District
The Labor community and the LGBT community have been allies on many political fronts over the years. This panel of Labor leaders and LGBT elected officials will discuss current issues affecting all working families – from state and local budget cuts to the new war on collective bargaining. Join us for this roundtable discussion about protecting middle- and working-class families in your community.


Todd Gloria
Councilmember, San Diego, Calif.

Mary Beth Maxwell
Senior Advisor, Department of Labor

Kathy Webb
Arkansas State Representative

Jessica Weinstein
Assistant to President, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
Do you have the tools to work with and on behelf of transgender people? Learn about gender, gender identity and gender expression, and find out how to talk about the crucial issues facing the transgender and gender non-conforming community.


Dr. Dana Beyer
Executive Director, Gender Rights Maryland

Mara Keisling
Executive Director, National Center for Transgender Equality

Dylan Orr

Marisa Richmond, Ph.D.
President, Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition
Concurrent Workshops
10:15am - 11:45am
Developing Strong LGBT Leaders Telecom and Your Community's Economic Development Are Corporations People?
How can you help encourage other LGBT people to step forward and lead? Talk to students from the first Victory Congressional Internship program and LGBT officials that have developed strong mentor relationships. You'll walk away with ideas you can implement to support the emerging LGBT leaders in your community.


Elizabeth Duthinh
GLSEN National Advisory Council

Gautam Raghavan
Associate Director, White House Office of Public Engagement

Mitchell Rivard

Kyrsten Sinema
Arizona State Senator
Attendees will learn how to leverage the power of technology to connect any underserved populations within your community to vital information that will not just improve their lives, but improve your city's economic footprint. Hear from elected officials and telecom leaders who have used municipal telecom infrastructure development to support commerce and improve their communities.


Dr. Robert Garcia
Councilmember, Long Beach City Council

BMaynard Scarborough
Vice President of Government Affairs & National Engagement, One Economy Corporation
In post-Citizens United America, corporations are navigating familiar and still uncharted new territory in politics and public policy. In this new environment, how do forward-thinking corporations balance their good citizenship aims with their public policy practices? How are companies asserting their relationships with LGBT community leaders and organizations that offer mutually rewarding outcomes on issues such as DOMA repeal and tax equity for same-sex couples?


John Burchett
Director, Public Policy - US State and Local, Latin America and Canada, Google Inc.

Curtis Frasier
General Counsel, Upstream Americas and Shell USA

Meghan Stabler
Vice President, CA Technologies

Bob Witeck
CEO, Witeck-Combs Communications
Victory in New York: A Model for Success
12:00pm - 1:45pm
On June 24, 2011, the New York Senate passed a marriage equality bill and Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed it into law.

This historic victory wouldn't have happened without the leadership of New York's six openly LGBT state lawmakers – Harry Bronson, Tom Duane, Deborah Glick, Micah Kellner, Danny O'Donnell and Matt Titone.

Join several of these courageous leaders as we discuss the ups and downs that led to this monumental achievement for LGBT equality.


Harry B. Bronson
Assemblymember, New York State 131st District

Thomas K. Duane
Senator, New York State 29th District

Deborah J. Glick
Assemblymember, New York State 66th District

Christine Quinn
Speaker, New York City Council
Concurrent Workshops
2:15pm - 3:45pm
The Power of "Incredible Teachable Moments" for Seasoned Leaders To Be Determined The Picture of Health: How Statistics will Change LGBT Health Care
Come engage with alum and faculty of the Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program at the Harvard Kennedy School who have made GLLI's David Bohnett Gay & Lesbian Fellows such a successful program. As an experienced leader, this workshop is intended to prompt your thinking on dealing with the tough challenges that come with ambitious political goals; learn about the methodology of the Harvard Kennedy School; and execute a plan for your own success.


Michael Fleming
Executive Director, The David Bohnett Foundation

David King
Professor, Harvard University

Andrea Shorter
David Bohnett Fellow 2009
LGBT Americans have unique health problems that remain unaddressed largely because federal, state, and local governments do not collect necessary statistics about this population. In this hybrid panel/workshop, participants will learn about the importance of gathering health statistics, what federal and state government are currently doing, and best practices in advocating for the collection of health statistics.


Kellan E. Baker
Health Policy Analyst, Center for American Progress

Gary Gates
Williams Distinguished Scholar, Williams Institute, UCLA

Tonia Poteat, MMSc, MPH, PA-C
PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Attendees Cocktail Hour
Optional Evening Event
David Bohnett Gay & Lesbian Leadership Fellows Reception
Closing Night Celebration
F Bar


Sunday, December 4


Energize Your Career

Energize Your Community

Energize Our Movement

2012 Conference Planning Breakfast and Feedback Session
8:30am - 10:00am